How to Shop in UK

How to Shop in UK

If you’ve always wanted to shop in the UK but couldn’t because of hectic shipping processes, we now have you covered. We help Kenyans shop in popular UK stores and ship to Kenya without the hassle of dealing with customs. 

It’s as simple as just making your orders and receiving your products in a few business days. You don’t have to travel to the port to receive your goods. Neither do you need to spend long hours taking care of the customs processes. We do it all for you!

How it Works: Shop in Uk Ship to Kenya 

Getting your orders delivered to Kenya from a UK online store is as easy as 4 simple steps.

1. Shop on your favorite store

Head over to your favorite store and place your orders. It doesn’t matter whether it’s Amazon, TESCO, eBay, IKEA, or Argos— we ship orders from most of the USA’s or UK’s popular stores. When asked for a shipping address, input our UK warehouse address. This means that your order will be delivered to us, and from there, we ship the products to you. What’s more, the address is free to use, so no extra costs.

How to Shop in USA or UK
How to Shop in UK (Ebay Shipping Address )

2. Email us your invoice

Once you place your order, email us your invoice, particularly your order details. This helps us determine the amount and type of products to expect, so we can cross-check once the online store delivers your order to our warehouse.

3. Shipment processing starts

Once we have your order, we begin the shipment process. If you have multiple orders, we can repackage them to reduce the shipment costs and to ensure that you receive your orders as a single package. We’ll then send you shipment details such as costs, weight, and possible delivery hours. 

4. Receive Your order

Finally, we make sure that your product gets to you fast and in a good condition, either through air freight or ocean freight shipping. You can opt to receive your goods at our Nairobi collection center or right at your doorstep. 

How we do it: From Uk Stores to Your Kenyan Home 

Basically, once we have your order details, the rest is in our hands.

  • We take care of all customs issues and taxes
  • Repackage multiple orders to reduce costs and fasten delivery
  • Ensure your products are shipped safely
  • Deliver the goods to your Kenyan address

We’re not bound by distance and deliver to all parts of Kenya. Whether in the CBD or Kisumu, we always make sure that you get your products despite your location. Using our shipping service is a no-stress process that lets you shop without fear of complicated customs, delays, or high shipment costs.

Why us?

We’ve helped a ton of other customers get their orders in time and at affordable prices. Based on our experience, we’re confident that we can help you ship orders from the Uk to Kenya without delays or high shipment costs. 

We save you money

Aside from our fair shipping rates, we also have a few other ways to ensure you get value for your money. For example, we consolidate all your products into a single package to save you costs and shipment time. Plus, you won’t experience any surprises and hidden charges when shipping with us. We ensure that you know upfront, the costs of shipping, and any taxes applicable to your products. 

We are fast and reliable

Speed is our middle name. Once we receive your orders from the UK store, we start shipment processing immediately. In 3-5 business days, you’ll receive your products. When any delays crop up, our team is always on their toes solving them quickly.

We update you constantly 

Want to know how far along your products are? We ensure that you receive constant updates about your shipment. You can receive updates through email, Facebook, or SMS. If you have any queries, we’re always happy to get in touch via a phone call. 

We Also Shop and Ship

If you don’t have time to get all your shopping done, we are here to help. We help our Kenyan clients source goods from any UK store. Simply send us the details of the items to shop, and we will start searching for the best deals. Next, we will send you photos and details of the products for approval. Then, we will place the order and deliver the goods from the UK to your Kenyan address.  

If you’re ready to start shipping products from the UK to Kenya, fill in this form to get a free quote of shipment rates.

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      Yes please. Your Name, Number and mode of shipping

      Air Shpment

      州市白云区金沙洲丰禾䭉物流西区2 5号.
      Guangzhou, Jinshazhou fengheyuan district, NO.5
      building 2 fengheyuan logistics.

      +8618826260042 Ali
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      WhatsApp – +254 709 286 286

      Sea Shipment

      Rolling Cargo China By SEA address :

      No. 10, Building 9, East District, Fenghe Logistics Park,

      Huangqi Jianshe Avenue, Nanhai District, Foshan City.

      contact number:

      +8618826260042 Ali
      +8618825926265 XIAO

      WhatsApp – +254 709 286 286

      Rolling Cargo 海运仓库地址:

      联系人:肖生 86 18825926265
      联系人:ALI 86 18826260042
      联系人:WhatsApp – +254 709 286 286

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      Below is our UK address.

      Rolling Cargo/ Customer name
      Unit 3 Alpha Estate
      Clayton Road Hayes Middlesex,
      UB3 1BB

      Tel : +44 7377 591936
      +44 7447 959259
      +44 2079 986690

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