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We Are a Global Shipping Company

Strategically Located In 9+ Countries

We have extensive and well-established partnerships with different industry players. This enables us to offer better and most competitive rates. We deliver using the shortest possible transit time with optimum routings that are cost efficient.

How To Ship

Delivery Process


Contact you supplier

Liaise with your supplier, agree on the prices and items you wish to buy. Give the supplier our shipping address.


We pay on your behalf

Send the funds to our Rolling Cargo Account, then we remit the payments on your behalf (Turkey and Dubai)


Realtime updates

Once the package arrives at our warehouse, we will send you a message, keeping you posted on the tracking Info.

The Great Vision

Rolling Cargo Courier has partnered with the largest international parcel delivery network in China, SF EXPRESS to cater for all your needs.

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What Our Clients Say

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Dear Esteemed Rolling Cargo Clients,


In celebration of Eid al-Qurban, our offices in Turkey will be closed from July 8 through July 17.

The 7th of July will be our very last day of shipments, and on the 18th of July, we will be back to business as usual.

Make your plans ahead of time to ensure a seamless process.

Thank you.

The Rolling Cargo Team 0709 286286    

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