Frequently Asked Questions

We ship your goods by providing tailored end-to-end air freight, sea freight, and courier services from UK, Italy, Netherlands, Turkey, Dubai, and China. Rolling Cargo has a robust network of partners to serve your global needs.

Charges are based on actual weight or volumetric weight of the package. We charge whichever is higher. Shipping by sea is based on Cubic per Meter (CBM). We measure using the formula Length x Width x Height (in meters).

By Air

Country Charges Duration 
1kg & Below $10 
3 working days.
Every Tuesday & Thursday  
 China$11/kg7-14 working days.
Every Thursday & Sunday
The UK £6.49/kg + £25 handling fee /consignment5 working days.
Every Friday
Turkey$7.5 /kg + 20$ handling fee /consignment3 working days.
Every Friday 
Italy$11 /kg + $40 handling charges / consignment7 working days.
Every Friday
South Africa$13/kg7 working days.
Every Friday

By Sea

Country Charges Duration 

Ksh 63,000 /CBM

Min CBM  Ksh13,500 /0.2CBM

30 working days 

65,000 Ksh /CBM

Min CBM Ksh13,000 /0.2CBM

30-45 working days 
The UK£2.5 /kg + £15 handling fee /consignment45 working days 
Turkey1CBM – 10CBM $700/CBM
10CBM – 20CBM $650/CBM
Above 20 CBM is $600
45 working days 
Netherlands$5 /kg + $20 handling fee /consignment45 working days 

We assist our customers pay their suppliers abroad in Turkey. All you need to do is pay at our offices and we shall pay the supplier on your behalf. 

Export charges are paid directly to the customs authorities.  The kind of goods you are exporting will dictate the charges that will be applied. We find the correct tariff applicable based on the description of your goods. Be advised that tariffs are country-specific and can vary from one country to the other.

Our Dubai office is open everyday from 9AM – 10PM.

Currently we don’t have an office in USA, and for this reason we are unable to ship.😔