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  1. Whether you are sending a care package to a loved one hundreds of miles away or sending shipments for your business, you need a reliable shipping provider that is cost-effective, timely, and careful with each of your shipments, no matter the size. If you are moving pallets or large cargo, you'll need a freight company that can handle the demands of your shipment.We ensure that your packages arrive at their intended destination, and allow you to ship more than just a box. With us you can ship high-valued items, furniture or even live animals.

  2. We offer solutions and protection options to insure valuable items against theft, damage or loss by purchasing high-quality shipping materials to ensure the packaging is correct and all safeguards are in place to protect your items. We provide shipping services in a timely manner and have the ability to ship the type of materials and equipment you wish to send. Strong customer service is also vital as problems do occur with shipments and you need to know help is available when needed. We offer express and priority delivery options if you need your shipment to arrive at its destination quickly. However, be aware that we may charge an additional fee for any type of priority shipping.

  3. Several shipping services limit the type of items they will ship. We ship anything from a tiny parcel to a live animal. Many hazardous or dangerous goods have shipping restrictions. We provide detailed lists of what can or cannot be shipped using our services. Additionally, size is a key factor in the type of items we ship. Many companies have restrictions on the size and weight of a shipment.

  4. Most packages cannot be more than 130 inches long. This would limit many furniture items or large pieces of equipment. Losing a shipment or receiving a shipment that is damaged or destroyed can be a frustrating and overwhelming ordeal. We provide tracking capabilities to help you follow a shipment. Insurance and protection options for high-value packages ensure that the items are received in excellent condition. Furthermore, we make it possible to prepare and pay for a shipment right from your computer.

  5. Customer support is crucial if you have questions or concerns regarding a shipment, or if you’ve discovered a shipment is lost or stolen. Email, telephone and live chat are popular options that we offer. We have resources available on our website, such as forms, rate calculators and videos. With a combination of the best features and services, you will find quality shipping in us that will work hard to ensure your packages arrive on time and do not cost you a fortune to send.

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